I read this sometime in the late 90s, borrowed from the local library. The basic plot was that people couldn't exit the VR sim(s), so the authorities brought in one of the original designers of the fantasy realm (as that's where the trouble started) to get to the bottom of it all. (It was a fairly generic DnD/VR ripoff, but trying to remember it has been bugging me.)

Other bits I remember

  • There were several VR realms, one of the others was a War sim - a general was mentioned as being trapped there.
  • The main character's class was a bard, whereas normal users could only pick from warrior/wizard/rouge
  • He was forced out of the VR company after creating the fantasy realm, and is reluctant to assist
  • He's introduced in the book at a sword-fighting lesson (possibly fencing)
  • He has a pegasus that's under the illusion of being an old nag
  • He defeats a dragon by lassoing it's mouth shut on it's own fireball
  • He has some root level systems access (a backdoor that he left in for himself), even within the sim
  • The fantasy realm has some partial scenarios based on myths - he escapes from a snow white type scenario on his pegasus (which was depicted on the cover IIRC)
  • VR tech was of the full body immersion tank type, with some sort of neural feedback
  • At the start a bit character has his hand cut off in game, and on waking up can't feel anything in that hand
  • The computer running the sim has achieved some sort of sentience and separated into id, ego and superego personas
  • Someone was suffering from brain cancer IRL, so uploaded himself to the sim and suffers from persistent headaches. His attempts to hack the system from the inside using magic are probably the root cause of the problems.

Any ideas would be appreciated, my google-fu has failed me. (oh, and it's not the otherland series - that's far more complex and interesting)

  • Some overlap with "Killobyte" by Piers Anthony, although several discrepancies too. The date is consistent though since it was published in 1993. – Alchymist Oct 28 '15 at 13:58
  • Oddly enough that was one Piers Anthony book the library didn't have. I checked the plot description on wikipedia and it's definitely not the book I was thinking of above. (It had simpler, more 1 dimensional characters than those in Killobyte.) – Stark Oct 28 '15 at 16:56
  • One of the other books I read around the same time was "The California Voodoo Game" by Larry Niven & Steve Barnes, however this one that I'm looking for wasn't of the Dream Park series. – Stark Jun 6 '16 at 15:48

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