In the Age of Ultron, Thor brags that his drink was "aged a thousand years in barrels built from the wreck of Grunhill's fleet. Not meant for mortal men." This was during the Stan Lee cameo, at the party at Stark tower.

Who was Grunhill? And where, when, how was his fleet wrecked?

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    It's probably Brynhild, not Grunhill. Brynhild (or Brunhild) is fairly prominent in Germanic/Norse mythology, although I'm not familiar with a fleet associated with her.
    – JohnP
    Jun 5, 2015 at 22:36
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    FWIW, the spelling in the English subtitles (on iTunes) is “Grunhel’s fleet”.
    – alexwlchan
    Dec 25, 2015 at 17:59

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I could find no information on Grunhill in either Marvel or Norse Mythology. I think it might just be a Norse sounding name the writers came up for that scene without basing it on somebody.

The nearest I could see is Brunilda (Brynhildr, Brunhild, Brünnhilde, Brynhild) who was a Valkyrie in Norse mythology and or course Valkyrie in Marvel comics.

perhaps it was means to be Brunhilda and the spelling/pronunciation got garbled somewhere along the way ending up with that we got on screen.

Another possibility is just Thor showboating and it's just something Volstagg brewed up in his basement and just wanted to hype is up for the silly mortals.

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