I know that Beta Ray Bill, Cap'n, and Storm have lifted Mjolnir at some point in the classic comic universe.


  1. Omnipotent beings (like Odin)
  2. Other comic series (like 2099, Ultimates, etc.) 
  3. Thor's alter egos
  4. What If comics and other alternate-universe crossovers

What other characters from classic Earth-616 have lifted Mjolnir?

Bonus points for comic issue reference.

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    Odin isn't omnipotent. For one, he's dead.
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    I know she's DC and not Marvel, but Wonder Woman picked it up in the Marvel vs DC crossover series.
    – onewho
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  • This article covers a few characters who have been able to wield it. Some of them aren't truly canon to the present universe.
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  • See also @Thaddeus's answer here.
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Eddie Brock / Venom in King in Black #5 (2021)

"King in Black" #5

The Silver Surfer takes a stand against Knull, transforming his board into a sword to fight the god of the symbiotes. The other super heroes at the scene charge against Knull, but they are interrupted when Eddie Brock blasts into the battleground, arriving bonded to the Enigma Force, taking an appearance similar to Venom. Knull's taunts are interrupted when Eddie calls both Mjolnir and the Surfer's sword-shaped board to him, and merges them into a battle axe.

- https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/King_in_Black_Vol_1_5

Cyclops, witnessing this awe-inspiring moment, can hardly believe his eyes:

Cyclops: Was...Was that Eddie Brock welding a battle-ax made out of the surfer's board and Thor's hammer? Did...Did he just fly, or am I--

Panel described above

Doctor Doom in All-Out Avengers #2 (2022)

All-Out Avengers #2 (2022) cover

In this issue, it’s revealed that Doom had previously divided his soul into two entities using a Soulsplitter Stone. This act resulted in the creation of “Dark-Doom” and “Light-Doom.” It was “Light-Doom” who was considered worthy of wielding Mjolnir. This moment adds a complex layer to Doctor Doom’s character, showing that even within a villain, there exists a sliver of worthiness.

Squirrel Girl in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe! (2016)

In Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe!, Squirrel Girl found herself in a real pickle—sent to the moon by her dastardly clone! With Squirrel Girl's life hanging by a thread, her trusty squirrel companion and friend Tippy-Toe sprang into action. This brave little squirrel put her own life on the line to retrieve Thor's mighty hammer, Mjolnir, using a teleporter device to zap it to Squirrel Girl on the moon.

Squirrel Girl was able to lift the legendary Mjolnir, becoming the goddess of thunder herself. Armed with her newfound powers, she not only saved the day by rescuing the superheroes trapped in the Negative Zone but also put an end to her clone's dastardly schemes. 

Red Hulk in Hulk Vol. 2 #5 (2008)

In this instance, Red Hulk’s ability to wield Mjolnir didn’t stem from worthiness but rather, from a clever use of loopholes.

relevant panelrelevant panel
relevant panel relevant panel

Atop the Golden Gate Bridge, the Red Hulk has just finished defeating his green counterpart in battle only to be confronted by Thor. This momentarily causes the Red Hulk to pause because he thought Thor was dead. This allows the thunder god to land the first blow. However, his most powerful blow barely does any damage, shocking Thor long enough for this new Hulk to charge at him. He knocks Thor into a nearby lighthouse and begins pounding on him. Thor recovers and tries to strike again, only for his foe to block it. Holding onto the hammer, the Red Hulk leaps into the air, counteracting the enchantment that prevents people from picking up by a technicality as Thor is still holding onto Mjolnir. The pair rocket out of Earth's orbit. In the zero gravity, the Red Hulk is able to wrest the hammer out of Thor's hands and turn the mystical weapon against its owner.

- https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Hulk_Vol_2_5


Excluding all the ones you have already mentioned / excluded i can think of:

  • Eric Masterson lifted it in The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 No. 432 before getting his own weapon a mace and taking the name Thunderstrike
  • Jane Foster lifted it to become the Goddess of thunder in Thor Vol. 4 No. 1.
  • Throg (Simon Walterson aka Puddlegulp) hasn't lifted the real Mjolnir, but a sliver of it, which then became Frogjolnir. It has the fractional power of Mjolnir and the same magical restriction of Worthiness. While a bit of a joke character, he's still in 616 proper canon.
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    Added the mighty Throg. Not to be confused with Thorse.
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