Why didn't the Delta Flyer have a transporter pad? We know Voyager is low on energy, so why use site-to-site transports regularly (site-to-site uses more energy due to requirement of two transporter cycles). If they use more energy, they're better off installing a pad.

I can understand emergency transporters being site-to-site to save space (for shuttlecraft, etc) but the Flyer was designed as an away-mission vessel, which would require regular use of the transporter, why not install a pad like a Danune-class runabout?


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In-universe, it seems to be down to Lt. Paris' prejudices about what the Flyer should be like. He clearly intends it to be a "hot rod" with fancy spoilers and large pointless exhaust fins:

PARIS: Behold the Delta Flyer. Ultra-aerodynamic contours, retractable nacelles, parametallic hull plating, unimatrix shielding based on Tuvok's brilliant design for the multispatial probe, and a Borg-inspired weapons system.

Adding a transporter pad would take up extra space and ruin the clean lines.

Note that in a later episode it becomes apparent that the Flyer does have a transporter systems, but just no pad:

PARIS: [in the Delta Flyer] I'm getting a lock on it now.
PARIS: My transporters are offline.

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