Anyone who has seen Men in Black will recall that the foyer of the MIB building is a large room with what looks like an air-conditioner and a man sitting on a chair. I was wondering whether there is any significance to this and, if so, what that significance would be? It's been bugging me (sorry - bad joke) for quite some time.

enter image description here

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    +1 just for the awful "bugging me" pun
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The MIB Building is concealed below the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (Now Hugh L. Carey Tunnel) Ventilation building

The implication seems to be the "front" of the building (pun intended) is the ventilation bit, complete with a giant fan and vent, providing air not only to the building and tunnel but also to the vast airport-sized complex concealed below it.

Note that the fan allows the guard to remain at his post when the building is "flushed" in the second film, despite what should be a massive change in air pressure so the fan clearly serves a secondary purpose.

enter image description here

Originally, the building was going to look just like the ventilation building of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, and guests would walk past the giant fan & vent before taking the elevator down to HQ -- just like in the film.

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    This answer is just another kind of fan service ... Jun 14, 2015 at 21:19
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    @HagenvonEitzen - I appreciate that you want to vent your opinion but that comment was little more than hot air.
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    @Richard: No need to blow away his awesome pun.
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    Now, now - this flurry of puns is quickly becoming a tempest of silliness.
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