In the 1987 animated film G.I. Joe: The Movie, Globulus — the supreme leader of Cobra-La and the various creatures that inhabit it — uses the Web of Remembrance to explain to the human members of Cobra the "truth" of Earth's history:

  • The world had once been dominated by a flourishing culture of intelligent organisms that were scientifically gifted and had mastered biological technology.
  • Their society all but collapsed due to the Ice Age, and the survivors were forced to retreat to the Himalayas, where they established "Cobra-La", a refuge where they have resided ever since.
  • The world's power vacuum was filled by the evolving Homo Sapiens, who eventually developed inorganic cities and technologies that members of Cobra-La find repulsive and blasphemous.
  • Globulus himself sent Cobra Commander (a once brilliant scientist) out into the human world to destablize human culture and prepare the world for the resurgence of their people.

I have tried searching, but cannot find anything concerning Globulus' age.


In particular, was Globulus alive during the retreat of his people during the Ice Age?

I can't seem to find anything regarding the lifespans of members of Cobra-La. Given their adeptness with organic systems, they may have been able to develop extremely long lifespans — perhaps even immortality.

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