In Star Trek we occasionally hear alien languages being spoken, notably Klingon every now and again, and Vulcan features infrequently. The third major alien species that features regularly is the Romulans; I don't recall hearing it, but do we ever hear their language being spoken?

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    It's possible that TNG-era writers were a little more shy to include Romulan words than Klingon ones, because Klingon had a full dictionary to refer to, but Romulan would require some making up on the spot. – Praxis Jun 16 '15 at 16:11
  • @Praxis - I find that hard to believe, since the fifth TNG episode featured Ferengi speaking in their native language. – T.E.D. Aug 22 '16 at 18:27
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    @T.E.D. Romulans and Klingons were pre-established characters, Ferengi were not. – Praxis Aug 22 '16 at 21:48

There was an episode of Enterprise where they first encounter Romulans and before the ship's computer can render a translation, you only hear Romulan. This is what is heard (from Memory Alpha):

Uhn kan'aganna! Tehca zuhn ruga'noktan! 
Uhn Kan'aganna! Tehca zuhn! Neemasta kan'aganna uckwazta! 
Kuhn'ukchtacht zuhn vockwadai! 
Bar'ak t'stu annankana.
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    Could you find what the episode was? – Often Right Aug 2 '15 at 6:31
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    It was almost certainly Minefield. – Lightness Races in Orbit Aug 2 '15 at 16:08
  • @LightnessRacesinOrbit most likely. I've three episodes into the last season, and thus far, Minefield was the only one with Romulans – Petersaber Aug 3 '15 at 8:10
  • @Petersaber: This is one of those occasions in which making global probability statements based on a truncated sample is shown to be a logical fallacy. :) – Lightness Races in Orbit Aug 3 '15 at 9:08
  • @LightnessRacesinOrbit just Googled it. Hah. Romulans suddenly make a few appereances (4!) in season 4, after appearing only once in previous 3 seasons. Oh well :D – Petersaber Aug 3 '15 at 9:18


The Memory Alpha page provides a small list of phrases and words that we hear or see in the franchise:

  • D'deridex: "Warbird", a term designating Romulan starships, or perhaps a particular class of starship (heard several times in TNG)
  • Jolan Tru: A salutation, used in the same way as "greetings" and "good-bye". (TNG: "Unification I", ENT: "United")
  • Prod: Praetor or Commander. (Star Trek 2009)
  • Uhlan: A rank in the Romulan military. (TNG: "The Defector")
  • Veruul: A churlish or rude person; possibly profane (TNG: "The Defector")
  • Viinerine: A type of food. (TNG: "Face of the Enemy")
  • Vorta Vor: The source of all creation. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

In terms of seeing the script, we see the following script on Geordi's VISOR in TNG: The Mind's Eye:

Romulan script

There is also quite a far more extensive understanding of the language provided on Memory Beta, but these are outside the scope of the question (which refers to language heard on-screen)

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    'D'deridex: "Warbird"' - this one is somewhat questionable, given that various types of ships called "Warbird" appeared during the ages (even if we discount the Klingon ones that were probably mix-ups with the term "Bird of Prey"), and that MA page also says: "a warbird of a much earlier design than that of the D'deridex-class", implying that not all "warbirds" belong to the D'deridex class. – O. R. Mapper Aug 2 '15 at 19:41
  • @O.R.Mapper I hadn't actually considered that point, but now that you bring it up I'll make the changes ;) – Often Right Aug 2 '15 at 23:50
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    An uhlan is actually a type of light cavalry soldier. Not sure exactly how that relates to the Romulan military rank, if at all. – LAK Aug 3 '15 at 17:11

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