Was Count Dooku his first kill or had he already slain many a foe?

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    This question should probably be more specific. Canon only or Legends? Kill by personal combat only (i.e. lightsaber) or are starfighter kills acceptable? Force-sensitive foes or any foe? As it is, all of your answers so far are very different yet all correct.
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    im unsure of all the downvotes, while being a very Simple question, its not a bad question.
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    @Himarm - downvote arrow's hover-over explicitly states "Does not show any research effort". There's a difference between "simple" and "a basic fact which is a major plot point in a movie that is easily accessible; and covered on Wikipedia in detail". I'm rarely one to dump on questions, but this one deserves all its downvotes and frankly, none of the upvotes it got thanks to bikeshedding... Commented Jun 16, 2015 at 22:17
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    Anakin certainly sucked the life out of the prequel movies...that counts.
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    @Himarm - What is the purpose of this bounty? What are you wanting to see?
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As a canon example of Anakin killing a human by lightsaber prior to his execution of Dooku, Anakin killed Tal Merrik.

Tal Merrik impaled on a lightsaber

This image is from The Clone Wars S02E13 "Voyage of Temptation".

  • Is clone wars canon anymore?
    – Himarm
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  • @Himarm The TV series that this answer is from, yes.
    – Null
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  • I love how Obi-Wan then says "Anakin..." not mad, just kind of disappointed that he just un-necessarily killed somebody. Commented Feb 7, 2020 at 16:25

Many Tusken raiders died to bring you this information.

Enraged by his mother's death, Anakin had slain an entire camp of Tusken raiders, including women, children...possibly even their animals.

This went down in Attack of the Clones, prior to his fight with Dooku.

Tusken raider beggar

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    @JoshSchwarzzeskywalker : Fair enough, but I suggest you ask it again as a new question...otherwise my answer gets invalidated.
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    @JoshSchwarzzeskywalker If Sand People aren't people, why is the word "people" in their name? They aren't even weird misshapen aliens. They have two arms, two legs, two eyes, and a mouth. They carry rifles. They wear goggles. They seem like people to me.
    – Wad Cheber
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    @JoshSchwarzzeskywalker At least in SW:KOTOR the Sand People are clearly shown as sentient beings, with their own culture. See also here.
    – Raphael
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    "I Slaughtered them, like Animals. " Also he killed a shit load of people in the first movie. when he blew the spaceship up...
    – Himarm
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    The killing of the sandpeople is definitely a significant moment in Anakins character development. When he confesses it, the significance is emphasized by a very obvious musical cue: It's the first time a few notes from The Imperial March are played - the theme music of Darth Vader from the original triology.
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One time Anakin blew up a droid control ship with people on it in orbit around Naboo. This happened in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, during the Battle of Naboo. This was while he was nine, so his earliest kills on record in my opinion.

Droid command ship exploding

This ship contained at least 10 non-droids as per this tech guide for Episode One.

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    It's also likely that he killed people while pod racing (whether or not those deaths were intentional or accidental is unknown).
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    @zzzzBov That depends on your definition of people. I believe he is said to be the only human participating in pod races.
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    @kasperd people would be all of the species in the race. As they are all intelligent or "sentient" as classified in starwars.
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Yes he had

(Note: this is a compilation of all answers found thus far plus some more research on my part - consider upvoting the other answers for this question as well)

Here's a list:

  • A gorgoodon (a non-sentient creature, but I thought I'd mention it): Jedi Quest: Path to Truth
  • Krayn the slave trader (when he was 13) (Source: Anakin on Wookieepedia) (note: NOT canon)
  • The persons on the ship he destroyed in The Phantom Menace (kudos to Himarm)
  • The Tusken Raiders following the death of his mother in Episode II (kudos to Praxis - although I did know that one myself!)
  • Tal Merrik in the series The Clone Wars (kudos to Null)
  • Genosian Warriors in The Clone Wars (kudos to Nu'Daq)
  • Saato in Star Wars: The New Droid Army (a video game, I know, but just thought I'd add that one in too)
  • Trenox (again Star Wars: The New Droid Army)
  • Messo (Legends)
  • Denturi (Anakin's Wookieepedia page cites that he had killed this person, but I can't find much more about Denturi other than that)
  • Durge (was killed by being 'force-pushed' into a star - what a way to die!) (kudos to Matemáticos Chibchas)
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    You got me this time...I was keeping these up my sleeve in case the question was re-posted (with more specific language). ;-)
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  • @Praxis sorry i'm just now getting back to check on things, it seems a lot has happened since yesterday. I was looking for first up close kill, I admit I also had forgotten about the ship Anakin blew up when he was a child. Is Krayn the slave trader Disney cannon? Commented Jun 16, 2015 at 23:11
  • No, it's a comic in Legends
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  • @JoshSchwarzzeskywalker : Like cde said, its extended universe material.
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  • Please include Durge in the kill-list. Commented Jun 17, 2015 at 1:45

Also, in the foundry scene in Attack of the Clones, he sliced up some Geonosian warriors.

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    Well spotted --- I forgot that.
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