DS9 "In Purgatory's Shadow Part-1":

GARAK: When were you brought here?

BASHIR: Over a month ago. I was attending a burn treatment conference on Meezan Four. I went to bed one night and woke up here.

Two episodes which was two weeks earlier in our time the episode "The Begotten" came out. I know just because the episodes came out weekly doesn't mean that a week in STU past.

I can't seem to find stardates for either of these episodes to know how much time past.

I'd like to know if during the episode "The Begotten" when Odo tries to raise a baby changeling and eventually got his shape shifting back, was the Doctor Bashir on the station the real Bashir or his changeling replacement?


The Changeling Bashir was on the station in that episode.

As confirmed by writer / producer Ronald D. Moore, Bashir was captured and replaced before the episode "Rapture" (see Memory Alpha).

"Rapture" is the 108th episode of DS9, while "The Begotten" is the 110th. We learn that the real Bashir is in a Dominion prison in the 112th episode — "In Purgatory's Shadow (Part 1)" — and the Changeling Bashir's ruse is foiled in "By Inferno's Light (Part 2)", which is the 113th.

Putting all of this together, it was the Changeling Bashir who was on the station in "The Begotten".

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