Before a monster can work at Monsters Inc. they need to get a degree from Monsters University.

But I don't recall a list of what degrees, courses and majors are available.

Is there a complete course list?

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The official Monsters University website offers an insight into the various departments offering "22 majors and 34 minors" with an emphasis on Scaring and Engineering.

enter image description here

Specific courses mentioned include the practical (Canister Design, Door Design, Scaring, Computer Sciences) through to the more liberal (Acting, Directing, New Age Philosophy, Dance & English):

Our undergraduates pursue bachelor's degrees ranging from Canister Design to Cognitive Neuroscience. Our graduates have gone on to shape our world in the fields of Power, Science, and Literature. And while the awards, patents, and accolades help to reinforce our goals, it is the pure impulse of intellectual desire that drives us.

Our interdisciplinary opportunities in molecular pharmacology and physiology, and our master's program in acting and directing through the MU Repertory Consortium all have helped establish MU as one of the most diverse academic environments in the world.

I remember one particular student, freshly admitted into the Semantics department, who would gnash his mandibles wildly and swing his enormously spiked tail at the first provocation or challenge, no matter how insignificant. Little could be done to temper his behavior, and we all thought he would not last long under the rigors of MU's difficult Semantics program. But years later, I was pleased to see him graduate and even more pleased when he approached me, a bit sheepishly, after graduation and told me this:

"There is a difference between being a Monster, and behaving monstrously.”

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