I am looking for a story with a woman trader who speaks all known languages, and she travels in a ship with a computer that has developed sentience. She travels to a newly discovered planet inhabited by a race of beings sporting feather-like crests to learn their language so that trade/mining rights may be entered into.

This is a novel length story that is at least 20, if not more, years old.


Forest of the Night and Dreams of Dawn by Marti Steussy feature feathered tigers and a linguist, if I remember correctly. Also horses.

The First-In team had promised New Lebanon's loggers that the planet's tigerlike predators were gone. But it was a tiger that stood over Hashti in the woods, pawing her and uttering an eerie, songlike cry. Panicked, the horse trainer hit her assailant. He snorted in surprise--and fled. The tiger's call haunted Hashti. The First-Inners heard mystery in the alien song. The loggers heard danger. Hashti's lover heard profit--and the loggers agreed. The unusual feathered tiger pelts represented a way to buy themselves out of lifelong debt to Oldearth Company. But Hashti and the First-Inners had begun to believe that the tigers might be intelligent beings. Someone had to learn the truth before the colonists' terror led to wide-scale massacre. So Hashti set out into the forest alone to learn the ways of the tigers...

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This reminds me of A Thousand Words for Stranger by Julie Czerneda. This is the first book in what is now two trilogies. She is a trader, has to find someone with a ship to flee. You may have the "speaks all languages" confused with telepathy, which the main character has.

Sira is on the run. The mysterious Captain Morgan has a starship. But if she goes with him, who will be at risk? Meet the Clan, shadowy figures of unfathomable power. Meet Huido, the lobster-like restauranteur. Meet the Trade Pact Enforcers, who have their own intentions. For events are beginning to unfold that will affect them all.

Goodreads, A Thousand Words for Stranger (Trade Pact Universe #1)

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