I remember reading this book back in late 90's. It is about a slave that gathers some friends and goes into a desert to find/fight a dragon. There is also a revolt/uprising in the slaves' home town. I can't remember if this is a single book or a trilogy.

I think the rulers were called Sorcerer-lords or Sorcerer-Kings. And I remember one character was called Boris or Borys.


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In the Dark Sun D&D setting, Borys is the name of the first Athasian dragon who was the Sorcerer-King of Ur-Draxa. There are about a dozen novels set on Athas; the entire world is a desert and slaves are a constant of the setting so it's difficult to narrow it down to one in particular, but it's almost certainly one of these.

Prism Pentad - Troy Denning

  • The Verdant Passage (October 1991), (ISBN 1-56076-121-0)
  • The Crimson Legion (April 1992), (ISBN 1-56076-260-8)
  • The Amber Enchantress (October 1992), (ISBN 1-56076-236-5)
  • The Obsidian Oracle (June 1993), (ISBN 1-56076-603-4)
  • The Cerulean Storm (September 1993), (ISBN 1-56076-642-5)

Tribe of One - Simon Hawke

  • The Outcast (November 1993), (ISBN 1-56076-676-X)
  • The Seeker (April 1994), (ISBN 1-56076-701-4)
  • The Nomad (October 1994), (ISBN 1-56076-702-2)

Chronicles of Athas - Various Authors

  • The Brazen Gambit (July 1994), by Lynn Abbey (ISBN 1-56076-872-X)
  • The Darkness Before the Dawn (February 1995), by Ryan Hughes (ISBN 0-7869-0104-7)
  • The Broken Blade (May 1995), by Simon Hawke (ISBN 0-7869-0137-3)
  • Cinnabar Shadows (July 1995), by Lynn Abbey (ISBN 0-7869-0181-0)
  • The Rise & Fall of a Dragon King (April 1996), by Lynn Abbey (ISBN 0-7869-0476-3)
  • +1 It's the Prism Pentad. Rikus is the gladiator slave who leads a revolt, kills the Sorcerer-King of the city-state of Tyr, and ends up going to the desert and eventually battling Borys the dragon.
    – Andres F.
    Jul 14, 2017 at 15:15

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