DS9 "In the Cards":

GIGER: Doctor Bathkin of Andros Three was the first to come up with the answer to solving the puzzle of death. Keep the cells energised. Keep them in the game by teaching them new mitochondrial tricks. Unfortunately, before he could finish his work, Doctor Bathkin died in a shuttle accident. Or so they say. And while the soulless minions of orthodoxy refuse to follow up on his important research, I could hear the clarion call of destiny ringing in my ears. And now, after fifteen years of tireless effort, after being laughed at and hounded out of the halls of the scientific establishment, after begging and scrounging for materials across half the galaxy, I have nearly completed work on this. The Cellular Regeneration and Entertainment Chamber.

At the end of the episode:

WEYOUN: Really? I have a background in, shall we say, creative genetics. I'd be most interested in hearing your theories.

GIGER: Well, it may take some time to explain. Let me ask you a simple question. Do you want to die?

Dr. Giger was on DS9 developing technology to make himself immortal. He enlisted the help of Jake and Nog to gain supplies for his project. Ultimately Weyoun and a couple of Jem'hadar transport Giger on their vessel. The episode ends with the conversation above and subsequently Weyoun trying out the chamber.

I am curious to know if Giger ever go the chamber to fully work, did the doctor stay with the Dominion, did Weyon help Giger in any way, etc.

Do we ever learn anything after this episode in-canon, writers notes, EU, or otherwise about Dr. Giger or The Cellular Regeneration and Entertainment Chamber?

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    nope... there's only a Memory Alpha entry Jun 23, 2015 at 3:31
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No, neither Elias Giger nor his project are mentioned again in any episode, novel, or other licensed work after DS9 S05E25.

The fact that we never hear of Giger again is actually quite telling - had it worked, a device which could render one effectively immortal would be a major commodity. Therefore, we can speculate that Giger was not able to get the device functioning despite the Dominion's assistance. In fact, the episode was ambiguous as to whether or not the technology was even viable to begin with.

The Weyoun that showed interest in the device - Weyoun 5 - was killed during a transporter accident two years later. Given that the Founders have no need for a regenerative device, it's entirely likely that Giger's research (and therefore, Giger himself) were abandoned without results.

Therefore, the last we see of Dr. Giger & his device is when they're transported aboard Weyoun's vessel at the end of "In the Cards".

enter image description here

  • Worth adding that Giger (and his device) do not appear in any further Trek novel, nor to my knowledge is he referenced in any of the DS9 comics, Ongoing comics or other licensed Trek property
    – Valorum
    Jun 23, 2015 at 18:38

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