In Orson Scott Card's Treason, each area of the planet specializes in some sort of ability (e.g. the one where the protagonist is from is rapid healing).

What are all of the specialties/regions in the book?

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This is probably not a complete list, but maybe others can fill in the blanks!

  • Ku Kei - Control Time (They were originally philospohers)
  • Muellers -Regeneration (Originally geneticists)
  • Anderson- Appear to be anything they wish, clouding the minds of those around them to their will. (Politicians)
  • Schwartz- Form rock to their will, as well as take energy from the sun (Geologists)

  • Nkumai - Physics

  • Bird- Socialites
  • Allison- Theology
  • Britton- Historian
  • Drew- Dream Interpretation
  • Hanks- Psychology
  • Tellerman- Actor
  • Underwood- Botanist

There are also several regions not fully specified in the book, leaving the complex universe of the story open, as in most Card's books. May I add also that Bird's region was governed by women, and that abilities in some places seem to have been long lost or at least, are not "magic".

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