In the Spider-Man universe, how exactly was Aunt May related to Peter Parker's parents? Was she related to him on his mom's side or dad's side? Also, what happened to Peter's parents so that he lived with them when he was six years old?


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Aunt May was his aunt by marriage. Ben was the brother of Peter's father.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncle_Ben

Ben Parker was born in Brooklyn, New York. He trained to be a military police officer. He spent time as a singer in a band. He had known his future wife May Reilly since their high school days, but she in turn was naively interested in a boy who was involved in criminal activities. When he came to her one night and proposed to her on the spot, Ben was there to expose him as a murderer, and to comfort the heart-broken May when the boy was arrested. Their relationship evolved into love, and they enjoyed a happily married life. When Ben's much younger brother Richard Parker and his wife Mary were killed in a plane crash, Ben and May took in their orphaned son Peter and raised him as their own.


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