In the title sequence of Penny Dreadful, we see closeups of a spider, with yellow dots on its body.

What is the exact species of this spider? Does it bear any significance, or is it just a generic creepy scene, without any relation to the plot?
(Of course there are hunters and prey in the series, but I mean beyond that).

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If you're referring to the spider which appears several times throughout the intro - and not the tarantula, which only appears once - it appears to be a species of Golden Orb Weaver, sometimes called a Giant Wood Spider.

enter image description here

This genus of spiders is very common throughout the world, typically found in warmer climates - the Southern US, Asia, Africa, and Australia. They are mostly harmless, with a moderate bite and non-aggressive temperament. They are known, however, for their creepy appearance and extravagant webs. They can also grow quite large, with a body of over 2 inches (excluding legs).

enter image description here

The spider does not appear to have any direct connection to the content of the show, and is most likely used in the intro to establish atmosphere.

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