"The Mysteries" were descriptions of past cultural traditions such as religion or ethnicity which became mangled when half-remembered by survivors of an apocalyptic war or pestilence.

I especially remember the term "Joosh Mystery" used to refer to Jewish beliefs and history.

Does anyone know the name and author of a novel published as a paperback book with this prop for its backstory?


The Novel 'Gunner Cade' by C.M. Kornbluth & Judith Merril contains both the phrase "Joosh Mystery" and extensive reference to "mysteries". There seems to be a dystopian rather than post-apocalyptic theme though...

The novel deals with the transformation of Cade, the title character, from a loyal member of the elite police force of an authoritarian interplanetary regime into an individualistic rebel. Kornbluth and Merril crafted the novel to appeal to Astounding editor John W. Campbell, using Fritz Leiber's Gather, Darkness! as their model. "We did a really interesting analytical breakdown of what Campbell would and wouldn't buy", Merril later wrote. "The scientific stuff had to be there, but the sort of spiritual fantasy element had to be there as well. Also, the novel had to contain the sort of humor that made sense to Campbell".

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