There was this short story (I think it was not a standalone novel) about a man who was abducted by aliens, dismantled and remodelled so that his body works better. He was in some sort of mental hospital with a girl (another patient) who tried to commit suicide. I'm sure I've seen a cover with a man whose nose looks more like a small trunk

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That sounds like Thorns by Robert Silverberg. A novel rather than a short story.


...Minner Burris, a space explorer who was captured and surgically altered by aliens on the planet Manipool, and Lona Kelvin, a 17-year-old girl who donated eggs for a fertility experiment that produced a hundred babies. Burris, whose freakish appearance draws attention whenever he ventures out in public, has withdrawn into seclusion and bitterness. Kelvin, whose brief fame as the virgin mother of an army of children has begun to fade, has twice attempted suicide because she has not been allowed to adopt or even see any of her offspring.

Some covers at librarything

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