• direct to video i believe

  • 90s or 2000s

  • real people, not animation.

  • most action occurs at night

  • may not be accurate, but i think the plot revolves around a family that gathers together for thanksgiving.

  • i believe there was just one alien

  • the alien attacks with a laser pointer-like gun. Said light generates terrible headaches on its target.

Thank you very much

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This might be Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. It aired in 1998 on UPN and was a remake of an earlier 1989 "found footage" film, The McPherson Tape. It's not animated. It involves the McPherson family joining for Thanksgiving dinner. The descriptions have a lot of bits about the lights being out, so I assume it's at night. It does have a ray-gun, but it burns people, and involves at least two aliens.

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