It was a graphic novel that was about two girls in a boarding school. The main girl had red hair and her mother died in childbirth and I think she has a wolf spirit? Also, the other girl's boyfriend turned into a bird? It was a pretty dark series from what I can remember.

I read it when I was a kid (maybe 10-13), and there were animal spirits but not many characters changed into other animals; the boyfriend was more of a side story, and he did change at will. I also think that the school she went to was kind of evil, and the book was in English.

Also, there was this one popular girl who always fenced with another guy she hated but in the end she got together with him.


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This is Gunnerkrigg Court.

  • Boarding school - Check
  • Protagonist with red hair - Check
  • Mention of wolf spirits - Check
  • Dark in tone - Check

enter image description here

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