I'm trying to track down a webcomic that was ongoing as late as this year, but can't seem to reconstruct it from anything.


  • Indian transgender astrophysicist protagonist with bioluminescent tattoos
  • Space colonies
  • Japanese (-influenced?) long-lived elf (-like?) culture, possibly antagonistic to the culture portrayed as mainstream in the story
  • Sciency magic present in the world
  • Human augmentation/implants normalized in society
  • Vertical-long rectangular page frame (like printed comics)
  • Color presentation

Early on in the story, the main protagonist is asked to relocate to a nearby moon(?) for intriguing research.


Found it after an exhaustive search of browser history on an old machine. The comic is called IOTHERA, and is still being updated.

Iothera logo

  • Reading now :-) – Oliphaunt Jul 15 '15 at 16:41

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