So, I am at the end of the last book

Rand is fighting Moridin. Moridin grabs the true power in Shayol Gol. Rand warns him this could burn him from the pattern. Moridin responds that at least it would be an end.

So, why doesn't he just use balefire on himself? Wouldn't this have the same end result? Is it possible?

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    Better question, if you committed suicide using balefire, would that erase everything you had done in the preceding minutes, including committing suicide? what would happen?
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Balefire burns the last things you did from the pattern, it does not destroy your soul and you can be reborn. The reason why the Dark One is unable to ressurect someone killed by balefire, is that he needs to snatch the soul right after death. Since balefire basically kills you retroactively the Dark One has already missed his opportunity when he realizes that you are gone.

See http://www.steelypips.org/wotfaq/2_nondark/2.3_one-power/2.3.07_balefire.html for details.

Moridin wants to escape the entire cyclic nature of time, e.g. wants to be completely annihilated.

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