In Uncanny X-Force #20, a member of the Captain Britain Corps claims that Fantomex is an anomaly and does not exist in any other dimension. Yet, alternate reality version of Fantomex have been shown numerous times.

  • Days of Future Now (Earth-5700): Fantomex became the host of Sublime.
  • Here Comes Tomorrow (Earth-15104): Fantomex has become one of Sublime's U-Men and is known as Apollyon the Destroyer.
  • Even in an earlier issue of Uncanny X-Force we see Fantomex fighting a Deathlok version of himself.

Is there an in-universe explanation for this or is it simply a retcon?

  • does not exist in any other dimension - that THEY know of.
    – Mindwin
    Jul 2 '15 at 18:00

Considering Uncanny X-Force #20 is the most recent of those comics and the Captain Britain Corps is a multi-dimensional organisation I would trust them and say that they are right to consider Fantomex to be an anomaly (And accept the writers ret-con).

Though, on the other hand, from my cursory search I cannot find a single Captain Britain from any of the universes you mention. If their primary sources for 'Who's Who across the multiverse' is personal experience and there is no one Captain Britain from Earth-5700 or Earth 15105, how would they know? It may simply be rhetoric to disparage Fantomex.

Without more details it's impossible to decide, but this is the best answer I think we can manage with what we have, I.e this is a retcon.

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