I saw a headline today that read "Star Trek actor dies". Naturally I had to click the link to find out who it was. It ended up being Olaf Pooley whom I had never heard of. In reading his Wikipedia page, I learned that he is one of 28 actors to appear in both Star Trek and Doctor Who. Who are the other 27 actors that have appeared in both franchises?

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    The Final Twenty-Seven. Commented Jul 22, 2015 at 8:22

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Here's a list of them from Memory Alpha!

  • Daphne Ashbrook:

    • Melora Pazlar (DS9: 'Melora')
    • Dr Grace Holloway (Dr Who: The TV Movie)
  • Amy Benedict:

    • Female Bajoran Villager (DS9: 'The Storyteller')
    • Bridget Howe (Torchwood: 'Rendition')
  • Steven Berkoff:

    • Hagath (DS9: 'Business as Usual')
    • The Shakri (Doctor Who: The Power of Three)
  • Jason Brooks:

    • Romulan Helmsman (Star Trek (2009))
    • Press Secratary (Torchwood: The Middle Men)
  • Noel Clarke:

    • Thomas Harewood (Star Trek Into Darkness)
    • Mickey Smith (Doctor Who: 'Rose' to 'The End of Time Part II')
  • Alan Dale:

    • Praetor Hiren (Star Trek Nemesis)
    • Professor Aaron Copley (Torchwood: Reset)
  • John de Lancie

    • Q from Star Trek
    • Allen Shapiro (Torchwood: 'End of the Road', 'The Gathering', 'The Blood Line')
  • Van Epperson

    • Bajoran Clerk (DS9: 'Q-Less') & Burlesque Show Alien (ENT: 'Broken Bow')
    • CIA Archivist (Torchwood: The New World)
  • John Franklyn-Robbins

    • Macias (TNG: 'Preemptive Strike")
    • Lord Ferain (Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks Pt 1)
  • Paul Hayes

    • R. Ascher (ENT: 'Carbon Creek')
    • Costerdane (Torchwood: Immortal Sins)
  • Sonita Henry

    • USS Kelvin Doctor (Star Trek (2009))
    • Meme (Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor)
  • Bari Hochwald

    • Elizabeteh Lense (DS9: 'Explorers'), Brin (VOY: 'Friendship One') & E'lis (ENT: 'Marauders')
    • ER Nurse (Torchwood: 'Rendition')
  • Barrie Ingham

    • Danilo Odell (TNG: 'Up the Long Ladder')
    • Paris Alydon (Doctor Who: The Myth Makers; Small Prophet, Quick Return; Death of a Spy; Horse of Destruction; Doctor Who and the Daleks)
  • George Murdock

    • 'God' (Star Trek V); J.P. Hanson (TNG: 'The Best of Both Worlds I & II')
    • Preacher (Torchwood: Dead of Night)
  • Christopher Neame

    • Unferth (VOY: 'Heroes and Demons') & German General (ENT: 'Storm Front Pts I and II')
    • Skagra (Doctor Who: Shada)
  • Simon Pegg

    • Montgomery Scott (Star Trek (2009) & Star Trek Into Darkness)
    • The Editor (Doctor Who: The Long Game)
  • Maurice Roëves

    • Romulan Captain (TNG: 'The Chase')
    • Stotz (Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani Pts I - IV)
  • Deep Roy

    • Keenser (Star Trek (2009) & Star Trek Into Darkness)
    • Mr Sin (Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang Pts I - VI) & Posicarian Delegate (Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord Pt VII)
  • Robin Sachs

    • General Valen (VOY: 'The Void')
    • British Professor (Torchwood: The New World)
  • Mark Sheppard

    • Leucon (VOY: 'Collective'; 'Child's Play')
    • Canton Delaware (Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut; Day of thee Moon)
  • W. Morgan Sheppard

    • Ira Graves (TNG: 'The Schizoid Man'); Klingon Commandant (Star Trek VI); Qatai (VOY: 'Bliss'); Vulcan Science Minister (Star Trek (2009))
    • Old Canton Delaware (Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut)
  • Guy Siner

    • Stuart Reed (ENT: 'Silent Enemy')
    • Ravon (Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks Pt 1 - III)
  • Eric Steinberg

    • Paul Porter (Star Trek: First Contact); Ankari captain (VOY: 'Equinox Pt II')
    • Zheng Yibao (Torchwood: The Middle Men)
  • Nana Visitor

    • Kira Nerys (DS9)
    • Olivia Colasanto (Torchwood: Immortal Sins; End of the Road)
  • David Warner

    • St. John Talbot (Star Trek V); Chancellor Gorkon (Star Trek VI); Gul Madred (TNG: 'Chain of Command Pt I & II')
    • Azlok (voice) (Doctor Who: Dreamland); Prof. Grisenko (Doctor Who: Cold War)
  • Richard Wharton

    • Jossen (ENT: 'The Seventh')
    • Dr Paul Bell (Torchwood: Rendition)
  • David Youse

    • Nalbis (ENT: 'Chosen Realm')
    • Dr Rosenbloom (Torchwood: Dead of Night)
  • Kelvin Yu

    • Medical technician (Star Trek (2009))
    • Nicolas Frumkin (Torchwood: Escape to LA)

And you of course know about the late Olaf Pooley.

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    Interestingly, it looks as though most of these actors appeared in Torchwood rather than Doctor Who proper Commented Jul 22, 2015 at 1:42
  • I completely forgot that Simon Pegg was The Editor. Commented Jul 22, 2015 at 3:50
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    @JasonBaker: Given that the fourth season Miracle Day, which was a British–American co-production, is responsible for 13 entries on this list (all Torchwood entries except Alan Dale), it makes rather sense to me.
    – Wrzlprmft
    Commented Jul 22, 2015 at 20:31
  • David Warner also played the Doctor in Big Finish's "Unbound" series. He played an alternate Third Doctor in the audio adventures "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Masters of War."
    – user71802
    Commented Sep 20, 2016 at 16:21

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