Each member of the team wears the iconic Thunderbirds sash as part of their uniform. Here's Scott:

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He's carrying a pistol (after watching The Uninvited I'm sure it's a weapon) but is there any information on what the yellow and blue "tubes" are on their left hips?

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Not canon, but I've seen them repeatedly described as spare barrels for the gun; interchangeable with different kinds of ammunition;

On the Thunderbirds IR uniforms they had the sash and belt that held a sidearm and two tube thingys (One yellow, one blue) Does anyone know what these tubes were for? I think one might be a radio/microphone (of the silver cylinder on a handle type) as Scott always seemed to produce one from somewhere (like in "The Uninvited"). Des anyone know for sure?

The books refer to different colored interchangeable barrels for their guns. One was stun gas, one was needle darts, one was explosive shells.

If you look at this image, they've got the same ribbing as the barrel of the gun, as well as clearly not being tubular (but rather the same shape/size as the red gun barrels).

enter image description here

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