In Why don't they cloak the jumpers before entering the gate?, one of the commentators says that the puddle jumper does not power the gate.

However, it's established in Stargate SG-1 that the DHD provides power to the gate. There are multiple instances of external power sources (lightning, naquada generators, etc) being used to activate a manually dialed gate (or later via the portable dialing computer).

Each puddle jumper includes a DHD, used to dial the gate without having to leave the confines of the jumper. This is especially important when it comes to space gates.

Is there any in-universe or out-of-universe statement for or against the jumper in SGA being the sole source of power for activating a gate?

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Space gates have three power nodes that both power the gate and act as stabilizers. You can see one of them in this image from the Stargate wiki.

Picture of a power node

You can see the stabilizing in action in several episodes, notably in "38 minutes" (season 1, episode 4).

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