I'm trying to find a book that one of our teachers read to us in elementary school. It is either a collection of short stories, or simply one of those novels written in episodic form. It's told in first person by a young boy. He and his brother have various intriguing suburban encounters with alien creatures.

One story (or chapter) involves a peculiar child who comes to the boys' birthday party, and gives them a strange ball that no one can ever pick up, no matter how much they chase after it. Another story prominently features an area of the neighborhood called "No-Mom's Land," and also mentions Sno Balls as the boys' favorite snack. Real useful, I know, but if this sounds familiar, please let me know! It's a light, fun read that I remember liking a lot.

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I searched for "no-mom's land" on google books and found one called My Life Among the Aliens by Gail Gauthier, could this be it? One of the reviews on the amazon page:

Will and Robby have been spotting many different kinds of aliens. One alien came to Will's ninth birthday party uninvited, another came to earth acting and pretending like a neighbors dog, Sandy, and one came as Santa Claus. One thing that is stopping them is their parents, not believing what they say about their alien encounters. Their mom tells them not to say the word 'alien' in the house, and their dad thinks they're watching too much TV. In fact, there is another problem too. Some aliens are on Earth to take over it, and some are here just to experience life on another planet. Read this book to find out what happens to Will, Robby, and the aliens.

  • Hypnosifl, that's it! Thanks! The cover is even the exact same as the edition our teacher read to us! Aug 4, 2015 at 0:23

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