I have an older cousin who's major Andromeda fan so I've seen quite a few episodes but I can't figure out why Doyle replaces Rommie.

Did Lexa want out but had contract obligations?

Did she annoy the producer(s)?

For season 5 of Andromeda Rommie's character has been reduced to something akin to Gwen DeMarco's alter ego Tawny Madison in Galaxy Quest. That is, she has become a parody of herself.

Anyone know why?


Lexa Doig gave birth to a daughter in September 2004, during the final season of Andromeda. Rather than "drama", I always assumed this was the explanation for her reduced role.

The Andromeda wiki seems to support this:

Due to Lexa Doig's pregnancy during the filming of the fifth season of Andromeda, writers re-wrote part of the season finale so her character could be excluded from most of Season 5. The character Doyle was written to replace her during this time. Rommie's new body is thicker and bustier than her old body, due to the physiological changes that occur in a woman during pregnancy and child birth, and upon being asked by Dylan how she felt, Rommie answered "Sturdy."

  • Accepting your answer but I note that IMDB rates none of Season 5 in the top 1/3 of all episodes and only one or two in the top 1/2. -- Rommie's absence was, to me, the most obvious lack in the final season. Early on I was keen on the possibilities for 3-way conversations/arguments with herself - meaning Rommie (the android), Andromeda (the hologram) and Andromeda Ascendant (the 2D video presence/ship's computer voice-over). In general it seems the 22 episode Win to Exit TV Trope nature of Season 5 had numerous weaknesses and the lack of Rommie was, for me, the lowlight. – user23715 Aug 11 '15 at 15:18
  • @user23715 It was so long ago I can't actually remember much of the show. – TZHX Aug 11 '15 at 15:19
  • 1
    Sure, not much to remember. None of the campy funness of the Stargate universe and no real attempt to make the science with much verisimilitude like the Trek universe. Initially it had a sort of Firefly feel to it but that was gone before Season 3. I did see at least half a dozen bit actors that made it over to Battlestar Galactica as major players. But mostly meh :\ – user23715 Aug 11 '15 at 17:06

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