As you can see in the following image, everybody on the bridge wears a uniform, except Deanna Troi.

Troi wearing more casual clothing

But in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Encounter at Farpoint, we see Deanna Troi wearing a uniform.

Deanna Troi's mini-skirt uniform Memory Alpha for ST:TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint"? states:

This episode marks the last time that Counselor Troi is seen in a Starfleet uniform until TNG: "Chain of Command, Part I" with the exception of TNG: "Future Imperfect" where Troi as well as the entire events of that episode turn out to be an illusion.

Is there an in-universe explanation for this fact (dropping of uniform until season 6)?

Is there an out-of-universe explanation aside from "Fanservice"?


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There is an out-of-universe explanation. I can't give you links on it, but during the summer between seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was a convention in Richmond, VA. Now, I'm not a big convention-goer, but I have a rule: Whenever there's a Star Trek convention in my home town, I go. (So I've been to both conventions held in Richmond!)

David Gerrold was one of the honored guests and, at the time, he had left ST:TNG to start developing his own series (which, as best I known, never hit the screen). But he had worked on ST:TNG during the development of the series and into the first season.

One question focused on Marina Sirtis' acting skills and lines, especially in Encounter at Farpoint. Gerrold's response was, essentially, that they still weren't sure what to do with her and they weren't even completely sure she was going to be in the series. He commented that he didn't blame her for any difficulties with the pilot because they didn't know what to do with the character and she didn't even know if she was going to have a job or not. She knew the character was still not a sure thing.

The character of the Ship's Counselor first showed up in the original series bible for Star Trek: Phase II (not the episodes currently in production, but the planned 2nd Trek series in the 1970s). It's clearly something Roddenberry wanted in Trek, but since such a character was a new idea, they weren't sure how such a character would be used, if they could justify her presence on the ship, and if she fit in a dramatic function.

In Encounter at Farpoint, they were still experimenting with Troi, so her being in a uniform was not something they had thought about. She was on the crew, so she wore a uniform.

While he didn't give details about after that which would apply directly to this question, they needed to do something else with her. (Other than have her in pain whenever a new alien came around and saying, "I sense something...") And they also needed to emphasize her role as a counselor and not just an away team member. While I don't have proof for this, it seems that having her in more casual clothes (or perhaps a casual uniform, a little like fatigues or something) would de-emphasize her role as an officer and emphasize her role as a guide and counselor, including with the civilians on the ship.

As to why she later put the uniform on in Chain of Command, well the new Captain was rather a by-the-book person and insisted on it.

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    She kept wearing the uniform after "Chain of Command", though. I think the new captain made her think about her wardrobe choices, and that on a ship where everyone's in uniform, her not wearing one makes her appear different and might make her patients feel uncomfortable. Apr 22, 2016 at 14:21

Can I suggest another approach?

When I start at a new job I dress in a certain way.

  • A blouse (No T-shirts)
  • Nice pants (No torn jeans)
  • Shoes (No flip-flops)

Then, I'd experiment with the dress code of the place until I get to something I'm comfortable with.
One day I'd come in with nice sandals, the next with a fitted T-shirt and so on....

If anyone ever mentioned anything (let alone the captain...) I'd immediately revert back to the original code.

I think all the answers here are out of universe while regular human behavior is a good enough explanation as is :)


Simple explanation,

In the trek universe, and specifically it's allowed in Starfleet at the captain's discretion for the Counselor to dress in alternative attire. Outside of the universe it is quite possible that the change from casual to uniform clothing was because the jump suit might have been as uncomfortable for Marina as the season 1 uniforms were for the other cast. As for encounter at farpoint? She had just signed on to a new ship, it was probably proper work ethic to arrive in uniform.

As for the other comment regarding de-emphasizing her role including the civilians? I disagree, I think the casual clothing would make a counselor more approachable rather than someone in a uniform, people would probably feel more natural and free to be candid.

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As for the choice of starting her off in no uniform in the first episode of season 1 and then her eventually wearing one, according to her in an interview it has an out of universe explanation due in part because her weight made the uniform look unattractive and she later lost weight. http://www.buzzfeed.com/adambvary/star-trek-tng-michael-dorn-and-marina-sirtis-friendship-quiz?s=mobile

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    +1 regrettably this is actually true, unless Marina Sirtis was joking. Aug 12, 2015 at 8:49

Although not an offical Trekkie, I do like the series. I do believe that after the Chain of Command episode, Cons. Tori kept the Starfleet uniform on to increase her responsiblities of going on more away missions and to increase her chances of getting command opporutunities. I remember her wanting to command the Enterprise during the 3rd shift for experience but she wasn't sure if she could handle to responsiblity. That's when Commander Riker reasurred her that she could do the job. Sorry I just can't remember the episode that the change in her career path took place.


This was the Pilot episode, pertaining to whether or not the series would be success to win over audience. Personal parameters were not yet established so Troi who IS in Starfleet would wear a uniform; most likely because they were the only uniforms available at the time of filming, the "Skant" uniform was unisex can could be worn by anyone. enter image description here

In the series; Per captains' discretion, the uniform code was adopted if certain cultural parameters were permitted in regards to culture and religious apparel (Worf's baldric, Ro Laren's Earring, etc). Troi being ships counselor whose job it was to get crew members to Open up personally about their feelings would not do well in basic service uniform. A more relaxed duty outfit was permitted. In reality Troi's low-cut outfits were a throwback to the costumes of the original series.

If I were a woman I would not wear that piece of S***. Less there some accompanying pants to go with it.

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