This was a really neat ghost story. The plot:

  • writer moves his family to an island to write in solitude
  • his wife starts acting weird, is being seduced by the ghost of a French officer
  • the ghost leads the wife away one rainy night, writer chases her through a grave yard
  • writer trips and falls, hits his head on tombstone with the French officer's name on it
  • the wife realizes that the ghost didn't want her, he only wanted to kill

Does anyone recognize this story? If so, could you please share the title/author? Thank you, Mark


After an extensive google search I was finally able to find this short story. It is entitled "The Duel" by Joan Vatsek.

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    Great! If you could add any details that show why this is the right one, that would be helpful. Also, you should be able to accept your answer in two days. – Adamant Nov 22 '16 at 0:05

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