In S2E4 of Rick & Morty, Total Rickall, the alien parasites mess with the family's memories to insert themselves into the family's history. However, a detail of this is a little unclear to me. We see plenty of memories that are largely realistic, except we see the alien parasite character inserted, placed in a key role.

Are these memories entirely fabricated, or did the alien parasites just modify existing memories, inserting themselves into them?

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    Difficult to come up with a consistent answer, given the ending. – Politank-Z Aug 17 '15 at 20:04
  • Correct me if I am wrong but they must be modified. There are unpleasant circumstances where the parasites saved them. Could they fabricate the unpleasant parts as long as it works out? – kaine Dec 1 '16 at 18:48

Completely fabricated:

Morty: I figured it out, Rick. The parasites can only create pleasant memories.

The first episode of season two tells us just how sure of himself Rick is, and I don't doubt that what he says is correct about him buying 3DS systems:

Rick: Okay, yes. I definitely remember doing that. But also, I would never do that.

So sure of himself, he must be, that even this doesn't convince him to start shooting family members. After all, there's a hundred percent chance of the possibility that in this universe, he did do that.

Ok, yea: he tried to wing Summer - but we're not here to point out plot inconsistencies. Besides he's, "not used to being this unsure for this long." It's probably at this point he realizes that's the only thing he's sure of, which belays any further action.

Regarding the ending, we have to look at

the modified intro sequence that shows Mr. Poopybutthole in some decidedly unpleasant memories, the only pleasant one includes Mr. Beauregard.

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    Jesus christ that was a great deal on Nintendo DS systems, if that happened near me, I buy some DS, flip them on eBay and then keep one for myself.... Nintendeo give me free burrrrp stuff – user20155 Feb 25 '16 at 20:46

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