At the end of Prometheus we get to see the famous alien of Alien.

It's born through the following steps:

  1. David (the android) infects Dr. Holloway with the black liquid

  2. Holloway impregnates Dr. Shaw with a creature that grows to be a ginormous facehugger

  3. The ginormous facehugger implants an egg into the chest of one of the Engineers

  4. The egg hatches into an alien

Is the alien as we know it the inevitable consequence of the black liquid, or would a different type of creature have resulted if a different bunch of individuals / species were involved in the process.

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It seems the alien is an inevitable consequence of the black liquid, but it does take on some of the qualities of the species it hatches in. The aliens born from humans look a bit different (more humanoid) than e.g. the alien from Alien 3 (bursts out of a dog and is a bit more animalistic) or the one at the end Prometheus (which comes out of the Engineer).

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    Or the one in predator vs alien which comes out of a predator and looks far more predator-like. Now I want to see some iddy biddy mouse-aliens with terrifying black alien skin and little twitchy mouse noses.
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    @Murphy You get to see an iddy bity bug alien in the intro in the extended intro sequence to Alien Ressurection. Makes absolutely zero sense at all, but it's there and gets a closeup on it's mandibles. Commented Aug 21, 2015 at 14:47

The Black Goo is called Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15. It is a virulent mutagenic pathogen that, when consumed, causes the hosts cells to mutate. This suggests that the host is a necessary parameter in the mutation, and, as such, the host's genetic make-up could affect the outcome of the Human (or non-human) hybrid.

From the AVP fan wesbite

It is not known if his [Holloway's] sperm was mutated causing an abnormal conception or if he was simply carrying a Trilobite that moved into Shaw, though the latter seems more probable given that Shaw was sterile. Whether Trilobites prefer to move into female subjects or if Holloway would have naturally given "birth" to the Trilobite is unknown.

Although Shaw was exposed to the infected Holloway and had sex with him, she was not infected with the liquid and only received the Trilobite embryo. This suggests that the Black Liquid itself is not sexually transmitted, but it affects the host's reproductive system

For the direct quote, see the page explaining Chemical A0-3959X.91-15

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