I read a series of books around 2005. I think it might have been a trilogy.

Basic story line is in a post apocalyptic world. The main character is a pilot for the Federation or something similar to that. He crash lands, is nursed back to health by the natives, comes to like and respect them, and does not want to fight against them.

Also in the later book I think it also involves another race who are very Japanese-ish. They drink sake and the "clan" names are things like Fu-Jitsu and Mitsu-Bishi.

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This sounds like Patrick Tilley's Amtrak Wars

It's a series of six books, set after a war devastated present-day North America (and presumably the rest of the world.)

The Amtrak Federation (renamed to the Lone Star Confederation in later editions) live in huge underground shelters, and use technology to conquer the outside world; the surface is controlled by vaguely Native American tribes (the "mutes") who the Federation are conquering as they expand.

The main characters spend quite a lot of time captured by the other side. Steve Brickman is captured by the mutes when his plane crashes, and is nursed back to health by them, coming to realise that they're not the sub-humans he's been taught. At one point, he's taken to visit the Iron Masters, who are a Japanese-descended group of survivors, who have names that are taken from current Japanese companies.

There's also a wiki if you want to risk spoilers....

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