Coming to you now, from Seahaven Island, enclosed in the largest studio ever constructed and, along with the Great Wall of China, one of only two man-made structures visible from space, now in its thirtieth great year, it's The Truman Show!

Announcer, The Truman Show

It contains a small town, a sea, land beyond the town. But Truman almost reaches its edge during his first attempted escape.

So how big is the studio?

Is there any source that gives a size, or does it come down to measuring and estimating?

† That the Great Wall of China is visible from space is a common misconception, here repeated by the announcer in the movie.


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Based on the images seen in the film, the dome is approximately 8.5-10 miles wide at its base.

Unfortunately, due to a slight foreshortening effect in the satellite image, it's not really possible to be much more accurate than that.

enter image description here


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