The short story "The Woman Who Fell in Love with a Postmodern Building and Set Her Lovers’ Boat on Fire" by Thaddeus Howze features three buildings:

  1. Churchill
    Picture of a church

    (...) an old world church in New York, (...) Churchill,

  2. Pierce
    picture of a house

    (...) Pierce, her home on the bay in Quincy, Massachusetts.

  3. Karls
    picture of a word shaped building in Prague

    (...) all curves and sharp angles in the sun, deliberate — steel and glass, concrete and rebar.


    Made by an eccentric architect who, soon after completing Karls, went quietly mad. Karls was the personification of said madness, twisted, distorted, his inner spirit matched his outer appearance.

The buildings shown are the ones that inspired the ones in the story, courtesy of the author.

So which buildings are these, and who were the architects?

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The first one is the "Wedding palace church" designed by Thomas Poole in 1886 and it's located in the New York

I've found little about the 2nd one, but it has been designed by Sam Van Dam and it's a "coastal estate in Maine"

The 3rd one is called "the dancing house" or "Fred and Ginger" (From Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers) and it's located in Prague, Czech republic, designed by Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry in 1992.

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