I can't remember anything about the movie except it giant robots like Pacific Rim but people were inside not sat down but stood up using their arms and legs - I don't know properly but was like some kind of pilot - I remember a guy hooked up controlling the robot and a woman behind him telling him what to do.

The Giant robot would battle other robots with other people inside.

That's it :(

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This is Robot Jox.

It's 1980s (well, technically released 1990 but filmed in 1987), features giant robots and the protagonists are indeed standing, rather than directly attenuated to the robots.

  • I feel this is it - seems similar to what I was looking for. See I can I find this. Thanks Richard :) – Desibouy Aug 22 '15 at 14:37
  • 1990 is the final year of the 80s decade, since in the Gregorian calendar we do not have a year zero. So each decade begins with a year ending in the numeral 1. Hence the first decade of the Gregorian calendar was A.D. year 1 through year 10, the decade of the 80s began in 1981, and concluded with 1990, and the current Gregorian millennium began January 1st, 2001. So Robot Jox was indeed in the 80s. :) – Lexible Aug 22 '15 at 15:53

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