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Who is Rey's mother? [duplicate]

In The Force Awakens… This pretty clearly tells us that … So who is Rey’s mother? Is there anything in the other movies or books about the identity of
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Star Wars: What is Rey's last name? [duplicate]

According to Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens, her last name is Mixer. As seen in this photo taken from The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens [see bottom left corner] Of course, I am ...
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Who are Rey’s parents? [duplicate]

Almost everything about Rey is purposefully left a mystery. The film strongly hints that she’s related to one of our main characters—but since we get very little indication from Leia, most people ...
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How could a raw, untrained Force user be so adept at using the Force?

Everything that I seemed to know about the Star Wars universe indicated that in order to be successful at being a force user, the user required decades of training and experience. Which is why I ...
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Whose helmet did Rey put on?

In The Force Awakens, while having her meal next to a fallen AT-AT, Rey put on a rebel pilot helmet. Whose was it? It seemed to have "Ræh" written on it, in Aurebesh... Did the helmet belong to ...
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Did Rey have an X-wing pilot doll?

In my second viewing of The Force Awakens I thought I briefly saw a crude hand-made doll in Rey’s home that looked an awful lot like an X-Wing pilot. It appeared to have a helmet and an orange suit ...
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Is Rey's hairstyle a clue to her origins?

As we know, Rey has a characteristic three-bun hairstyle. Now, to some degree, a (hair) bun is a bun is a bun, right? Well, except that most people wrap hair into a bun, and Rey's hair is actually ...
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Is Rey unaware of her parentage?

Does Rey ever indicate that she is unaware of her parentage? Do we have any proof that she doesn't know who her parents are?
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Is there any significance to the name Skywalker?

Is there any significance to the name Skywalker? Is there any evidence from George Lucas or any other important Star Wars creators about the choice of the name Skywalker for Luke and his father ...
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Are Rey and Luke Skywalker Connected? [closed]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, what is the connection Between Rey and Luke Skywalker? Are they related?
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What do Han and Luke know about Rey's abandonment? [duplicate]

In The Force Awakens, Rey is waiting for her family, that she doesn't seem to remember. She has Force flashbacks that give some hints when she touched Luke's lightsaber. The novelization for those ...
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What evidence is there that Han acts unusually remorseful towards Rey?

Taken from this question and also several others I have a followup question: What do Han and Luke know about Rey's abandonment? WHERE is it shown that he feels remorse or guilt about her? As ...
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Can we really trust the Children of the Forest? [closed]

Westeros rightfully belongs to them. Why would they help the humans? In the season 6 trailer, And also I heard about the theory that the Isn’t it more likely that they’re not on the humans’s side?
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