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How long can wizards live? [duplicate]

I was reading because of another question on here, and I have read: Her body had aged five centuries in its return to the present and, ...
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Do wizards live longer than most Muggles? [duplicate]

Professor McGonagall was already getting on with years the the Original HP series. From a person who has not read Cursed Child yet, I'm only reading it from here answer And she's able to live for ...
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What justifies the age of Albus Dumbledore? [duplicate]

I was wondering about Dumbledore's age. What justifies that he's so old, as described in the books and websites. My first guess was that he owns one of the Hallows, but then, how could Abelforth be ...
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What is the average lifespan for a wizard? [duplicate]

In Harry potter series we saw that Albus Dumbledore died at 116 years, nicolas flamel is more than 600 years old. So what is the average age for a wizards?
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Why do Hogwarts teachers have such strange names?

Look at the first names of the Hogwarts staff we know of: Albus, Minerva, Severus, Filius, Remus, Pomona, Quirinus, Gilderoy, (Argus), ... Most of these sound like ancient Roman or Greek names. ...
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What age did Dumbledore live to?

I have tried to figure this out but I cannot come to a specific conclusion. I am just asking this to confirm my own theory. In Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore's memory proves that he was the headmaster ...
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How do muggles and wizards differ physiologically?

In "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", the main character (Newton Scamander) meets a muggle (Jacob Kowalski) who is bitten by a Murtlap. Then Newt says: How do muggles and wizards differ? If ...
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Can any magic besides the Sorcerer's Stone or Horcruxes delay death?

Related: How did Albus Dumbledore get so old and remain so functional? [CLOSED] Related: In Harry Potter, how old will a wizard live to be on average? Related: How could Dumbledore live longer than ...
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How could Dumbledore live longer than normal humans without negative effects?

Dumbledore was a human and by increasing his life span, he was defying nature like Voldemort. Why wasn't there any curse or negative effects from that?
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Do Squibs have a prolonged lifespan, like other wizards?

We know that Wizards and Witches have a prolonged lifespan, but we also know that a Squib is someone born into a wizarding family who doesn't have any magical abilities. But does this mean that they ...
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What did Prof. Grubbly-Plank do while not teaching?

We're aware that she is a good Care of Magical Creatures teacher, which means that she probably had a lot of experience in the subject. However, the previous COMC teacher was Prof. Kettleburn, as ...
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