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Why doesn't Gandalf whip it out in the major battles? [duplicate]

The dragon in LOTR is powerful. Powerful things can exert lots of power The exertion of lots of power is useful for winning wars one wants to win Gandalf fights in wars he wants to win Gandalf is a ...
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Why did Gandalf use a sword against the Balrog?

Shortly after Gandalf first sees the balrog, he orders Aragorn to lead the fellowship to the bridge. Aragorn hesitates, fearing to leave Gandalf alone against such a fearsome enemy, until Gandalf ...
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How powerful is Sauron post-ring vs. pre-ring?

Sauron was one of the Maiar, from the dawn of creation. At some point he had a mortal body, lost in the fall of Númenor. He later guided the creation of the Rings, then made the One Ring personally. ...
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What would have happened if Saruman had gotten the One Ring?

If the Uruk Army sent by Saruman had captured Frodo and had gotten the One Ring to Saruman, what would Saruman have done with it? Would he have given the Ring back to Sauron or would he have kept the ...
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What happened to Gandalf the Grey's body when he was sent back as Gandalf the White?

So Gandalf and the Balrog of Moria have a little fisticuffs and they both died. Presumably dead bodies lie on the mountain side somewhere. Gandalf "strayed out of thought and time", gets a can of ...
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Could Gandalf have defeated Sauron?

Gandalf and Sauron both were Maiar and were created in the same way, I presume. 1.) Was Gandalf (Grey or White) powerful enough to kill/defeat Sauron? He did kill the Balrog, who was similar too. 2.)...
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How much of Gandalf's power is tied to his staff?

Before Gandalf freed Théoden from Saruman/Gríma's hold, he refused to give away his staff. Háma: I cannot allow you before Théoden King so armed, Gandalf Greyhame... by order of Gríma Wormtongue. ...
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How could Gandalf beat the Balrog?

Both were Maiar: one with highly capped powers, sent to help people against Sauron but only indirectly, and one persuaded and formed into a war and fear bringing monster by one of the most powerful ...
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Are the Maiar more powerful than the Istari?

I know the Maiar are essentially the demi-gods of the Tolkien's world, but the Istari are also supernatural beings, right? From reading a different answer to a question I learned that they are ...
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What was the Valar's ancient error?

I was reading Unfinished Tales, and I was reading the part about the Istari and came across this. The essay on the Istari just cited thus tells much about them and their origin that does not appear ...
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Do Ainur (generally) need to return to the halls of Mandos to reincarnate?

Sauron and Gandalf both suffer physical deaths (Sauron at least twice) but do not return to the halls of Mandos for recovery, but Saruman dies and is then impotent, forbidden to return and will never ...
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What would happen if an Istar broke the Valar's rule but saved Middle Earth anyway?

If, for example, Gandalf went full Maia, took the Ring and dumped it into Mount Doom before anyone, even Sauron, could stop him—what would happen?
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