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Which ship can go faster, the Millennium Falcon or the USS Enterprise-D?

As far as I can tell, both universes have equally objective ideas of speed. Do we know how fast the two ships, Millennium Falcon and USS Enterprise-D, can go? Which is faster?
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Why and how can you hear explosions in space in Star Wars?

Considering that sound can't travel through vacuum.
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Was the thermal exhaust port on the Death Star really a design flaw?

Why would something so grand contain such a fatal flaw? Was it really a flaw or was the only flaw the fact the "The Chosen One" existed. Who else in the Galaxy would have been able to fire that shot?...
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Kessel Run in 12 parsecs: screenplay error, or part of the movie?

I know this has been a long debated question among Star Wars enthusiasts, but when Han Solo said that he made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs did he actually know what he was talking about? During the ...
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Is the Han/Leia vs Luke/Yoda timeline in The Empire Strikes Back broken?

So in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke parts ways with the rest after The Battle of Hoth and trains with Yoda. In the meantime Han and company evade the Imperial fleet, land in a space worm and then ...
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Which sci-fi universe has the slowest extensively used interstellar drive (best available)?

This is sort of the opposite of this question: Which SciFi universe has the fastest space ships (hyperspace technology)? Since the obvious answer is just wherever there is no technology much more ...
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Which SciFi universe has the fastest space ships (hyperspace technology)? [closed]

I would like to restrict this to televisions shows. It can be a 2 part answer or other answers where novels discuss even faster hyper-drive style technology. Is the jump mechanism of FTL in ...
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How did Kenobi travel to the outer-rim in Star Wars Episode II? [closed]

In Star Wars Episode II, when Kenobi came to know about outer-rim, he also came to know that outer-rim is 12 parsec away. 12 parsec = 12 * 3.26 light years = 39 light years (approx.) According to ...
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Is there any evidence in Canon for how long specific hyperspace trips actually take in the Star Wars galaxy?

I've read about hyperspace travel over the years, sometimes to try and answer questions on here, and something I've always come up against is how long any particular hyperspace trip actually takes. I ...
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What is the exact information in SW canon regarding the speed of traversing the entire galaxy?

An excellent answer by @Daniel Bingham for " Was the Millennium Falcon too slow? " stated: Even with a well traveled hyperspace route the fastest ships, such as the Millennium Falcon, would ...