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Are spells the same in all languages? [duplicate]

It is a recurring theme in HP that how your pronounce spells effects their output. There is a related question but I do not see anything in the answers about different languages. So we know that ...
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What language is used to cast spells by wizards from Asian countries? [duplicate]

Latin is the language used by wizards and witches in the Western World when they cast spells. Latin is Indo-European - a language family that doesn't include pan-Asian/tonal tongues. So what ...
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Language of the Magic? [duplicate]

We know that Hogwarts is in Britain, and all students speak English. Thus all the spell we have seen have English dialect. But what about the wizards of countries outside Britain? Like when Hermione ...
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Harry Potter spell languages? [duplicate]

In HP, do Wizards from different nationalities have different names for spells, and if so do they have to pronounce them as such during the casting? It seems that more veteran wizards don't seem to ...
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Do magical words differ between languages in Harry Potter? [duplicate]

As we know Hogwarts and its surrounding environment are located in Great Britain and so wizards and witches speak British English. But we see students from various ethnicities at Hogwarts, which means ...
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In what language do the wizards and witches from non-English-speaking countries cast their spells in? [duplicate]

As long as spells of Harry Potter world goe, most famous ones are in Latin and some Greek. But the magical community is not only specifically situated in English-speaking countries, since there are ...
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Can wizards create their own spells?

In the Harry Potter series, are wizards capable of creating their own spells, or are they limited to the spells that they're taught/learn? I seem to remember something about Snape creating ...
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Were There Witches and Wizards In The Americas Before Europeans Arrived?

We know that today there are witches and wizards in countries throughout the world (at least in the Potter-verse). But how about before European colonization and immigration? Were there magical ...
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Magical tradition in Harry Potter appears to be much older than the Latin language, so why do most spells that we see appear to be based on Latin?

One might expect that as each spell was created, it would be created in the language of the person who created it (or in some older language, perhaps), and that the wording of spells would therefore ...
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What is the link between the spoken incantation and the casting of a spell in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter, you have to pronounce (or think) a string of sounds to cast a spell. For example: Stupefy! That always seemed very strange to me. So I would like to know: Are the words really ...
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