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Is Gandalf the Gray's power actually limited or did he merely promise to not use it?

We know that the Maiar sent to Middle-earth as Istari are not using their full Maiar power. Gandalf the Gray is more than a human power wise, but not nearly equal to his full real power. Is it known (...
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Can the Valar or Maiar die?

In The Lord of the Rings and the The Silmarillion some Maiar (Sauron, several Balrogs, Saruman) are defeated. But did these Maiar actually die and if they did, do they go to Halls of Mandos or what ...
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What happened to Saruman after he was knifed by Grima?

Saruman was one of Maiar, like Gandalf. Meaning that he had a mortal body but presumably, when that body was killed, would simply return back to his ("spirit?") being. Is there any confirmation from ...
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Did Saruman continue to exist as an ethereal Maiar after he was murdered?

Inspired by What was Saruman the White's purpose? The Istari are Maiar in corporeal form - it seems evident that some aspect of the Istari continues after the death of their corporeal (and can ...
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Other than Morgoth, were any of the Valar ever susceptible to physical injury?

Among Tolkien's mythology, Fingolfin's duel with Morgoth is well known. Morgoth suffered serious injury during the fight, and was left with permanent scars. He had also previously suffered burns from ...
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How do the dead in the Halls of Mandos exist alongside the living elves in the Valinor?

Men and Elves go to the Halls of Mandos when they die, to receive judgement, whence the Men move on to their fates, and the Elves linger forever (until the End of Days, Dagor Dagorath). The Halls of ...
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Why did Gandalf go out of time?

Given that the Ainur, like the Elves, were bound to the universe as long as it lasted, only Men being able to escape (the Gift of Men), why on the death of his Earthly form did Gandalf leave time and ...
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What is the nature of an Ainu's fair form?

When Númenor was sunk, Sauron was forced to flee the island by abandoning his physical body so that his spirit could return to Middle-earth. It was said that, henceforth, he could no longer assume a ...
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Túor, Beren and Lúthien - the gifts of Mortality and Immortality from Eru vs the Valar

According to the legendarium It was a tradition under the Eldar and Edain that they [Idril and Túor] arrived in Valinor, and that Túor alone of Men was counted among the Eldar, immortal as other ...
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Does Gandalf die in the Undying Lands?

So as most of us know Gandalf is a Maia and Maiar cannot actually die, what I mean is, once the ring is destroyed Gandalf has served his prime purpose in Arda, so once he gets to the undying lands ...
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What exactly happened to Gandalf's spirit after he "died" fighting the Balrog? [duplicate]

In the Two Towers movie, when Aragorn and company meet the newly reincarnated Gandalf the White, he has the following conversation with them GANDALF VOICEOVER: From the lowest dungeon to the ...
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What would happen if an Istar broke the Valar's rule but saved Middle Earth anyway?

If, for example, Gandalf went full Maia, took the Ring and dumped it into Mount Doom before anyone, even Sauron, could stop him—what would happen?
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How many of the Ainur were unable to change their physical form?

The Ainur are spirits who do not need bodies, but they can assume them. From the Ainulindalë in the Silmarillion: Their shape comes of their knowledge of the visible World, rather than of the World ...
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Are Melkor's dead Maiar imprisoned with him? [duplicate]

We know that Maiar are immortal - when their physical body dies, they return to their Valar who can resurrect them, as we can see in this threat from Luthien to Sauron: Ere [Sauron's] spirit left ...
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