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Why did Umbridge hate Muggles/half-breeds?

Why did Umbridge hate Muggles/half-breeds, when she’s not a pure-blood? Weren’t her mother and brother Muggles? And why did she hate Harry so much?
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Why did Dumbledore ignore this line?

In Chapter Thirty-Three of Goblet of Fire Voldemort says: What I was, even I do not know... I, who have gone further than anybody along the path that leads to immortality. You know my goal – to ...
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When and what cause Voldemort to look the way he does, vs how we've seen him as a teen? [duplicate]

As the title says, when and what made Voldemort look the way he does (pale, snake-like etc) as opposed to how we've seen him in his earlier years as Tom Riddle? Is it just a side effect of his ...
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Are blood and saliva compatible with Polyjuice Potion?

Although this question seems a bit gross, are blood and saliva compatible with Polyjuice Potion? As far as I recalled, only hairs are compatible.
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Why does Voldemort become more snakelike? [duplicate]

So we know that Voldemort's appearance became more snakelike as he made more horcruxes and dove deeper into dark magic, but why did he become more like a snake and not more like any other animal or ...
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How exactly did Voldemort change his appearance? [duplicate]

So Tom Riddle was described as sort of "handsome" and stuff in the second book. Then he went someplace and completely changed his appearance, and became snakelike and stuff. I believe he is in the ...
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Why doesn't Voldemort have a nose? [duplicate]

Is there a particular reason why Voldemort has two slits for a nose in the movie version? Did he lose his actual nose by some way or another?
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Why was Voldemort's face white? [duplicate]

In the Deathly Hallows Part 2 when Harry was looking in the Pensieve he saw a lot of things but one of them was of voldemort killing Lily. His face was white. Why was it white if he didn't lose his ...
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What does Voldemort become after this event in the 4th book?

After all, Tom Riddle was just a wizard/human. Since he has Horcruxes to keep him alive even if the new body gets killed, does it take a special way of killing him after destroying the Horcruxes? ...
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was Voldemort's body snakelike before his Resurrection? [duplicate]

I am confused, did Voldemort look like a snake before he died the first time, or like Tom Riddle? the people at the ministry in OotP recognized him, so does that mean he was all disfigured then, or ...
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What does Lord Voldemort's lower body look like?

After Lord Voldemort is resurrected in HP:GoF, he is always seen wearing a long black cloak which covers him below the neck, except for his hands. Since Lord Voldemort is Slytherin-based he is more ...
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Does Voldemort have the "Unicorn's blood curse"? [duplicate]

Quirrel drank Unicorn blood while Voldemort was inhabiting his body, and he himself drank a potion containing the substance (mixed with Nagini's venom) as well. So does that mean Voldemort has this ...
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When did Tom Riddle get his new face?

Recently I asked about the effects of the Rudimentary Body potion pertaining to Voldemorts new face. However I was corrected by Slytherincess... Well, I think the confusion comes with mixing movie ...
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What does the rudimentary body potion do to you?

Voldemort uses a Rudimentary Body Potion to return to life as a shriveled, scaly man-child horror. Later on Voldemort has access to a Regenerative potion to bring give himself a true form, but ...