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What's the first instance of fictional profanity in sci-fi?

There's a tradition of sorts in sci-fi where aliens or future humans use profanity that doesn't exist in the real world. I'm curious when this started. Which story or novel is the first time the ...
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Do authors ever create conflicting canon to irk fussy fans? [closed]

I know that this site is the haven for anyone who loves to dig deep into their favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Even for a new visitor, from scrolling through this site shows that there's an awful lot ...
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How do we know they were called 'Ewoks'?

I just finished watching Return of the Jedi, and I don't remember actually hearing any of the characters referring to the teddy-bear-like creatures as 'Ewoks'. Where did that name actually come from?
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How is canonicity of derivative works determined for Star Wars?

For all types of derivative works, namely: Movies Novels Comic books Other written works (including RPG materials) Cartoons Video games Derivative movies (such as the infamous Ewok movies and even ...
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Was Shmi Skywalker a virgin when she conceived Anakin?

Pursuant to this question, and several other questions regarding Anakin Skywalker's conception, I often see Anakin referred to as an Immaculate Conception and to Shmi as having had a Virgin Birth. ...
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How did Yoda counter Count Dooku's Force lightning?

In the scene where Master Yoda fights Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus on Geonosis in Episode II, Dooku uses Force lightning on Yoda. Here's a relevant clip. The lightning starts around 3:22 In a recent ...
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Are Legends legends?

Star Wars has seven movies and the Clone Wars TV show as its main canon. Then there's Legends, which are a collection of stories that are not canonical. In The Force Awakens, Rey claims she believed ...
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Is the content from the X-wing miniatures game canon?

I'm a big fan of the X-Wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games. The game first came out before Disney changed the Star Wars canon to include only content created after April 25, 2014 and all the ...
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Knights of the Old Republic Canon [duplicate]

Are the lore associated with Knights of the Old Republic (and soon to be released Old Republic) video game considered as Star Wars canon?
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Did Disney officially call Legends/EU material "Not canon"?

I see plenty of (sometimes good natured, sometimes snide) comments that any content that used to be EU (C-canon) is not longer "canon" at all. Now, personally, to me this treatment seems ...
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What does the inclusion of various KOTOR planets in G and C level canon mean for its canonicity? [duplicate]

This is the galaxy map found in The Force Awakens: Visual Dictionary, sorry for the bad quality picture. You can see Rakata Prime included among most the canon planets and they even chose to include ...
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What are the different Star Wars Canons? [duplicate]

I've seen many many references across this site to C-Canon, G-Canon and a couple of N-Canons when answering Star Wars questions. I assume G-Canon has something to do with George Lucas but what are ...
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What is the official position of JKR franchise on "canonicity" of facts in Harry Potter universe? [duplicate]

We know that there are multiplicity of different works/sources in Harry Potter Universe: HP books 1-7 Associated JKR books (Beedle the Bard, QTTA, HP Prequel story, Magical Beasts) HP Movies 1-7 JKR ...
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