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What beings are included in Thanos' culling? [duplicate]

I've seen a few threads on whether or not Thanos would have been able to defeat Dormammu in single combat. It seems to be mostly speculation, but it got me thinking. Did Dormammu have a 50/50 chance ...
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Did the event in Infinity War affect animals? [duplicate]

We know that Thanos Is there any evidence or examples where Thanos cut the line between different lifeforms? I think Thanos is a really consequent character, so it would be reasonable There was a ...
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Were other dimensions affected by Thanos' Snap?

In Doctor Strange, we are made aware of the different universes and especially the one one in which Dormammu resides, which is the Dark Dimension. Were beings in other dimensions also affected by the ...
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In the comics did Thanos "kill" just sentient beings or all creatures with the snap?

In the trailer for Avengers: Endgame Black Widow states that: Thanos did what he planned to do, killed half of all living creatures in the universe. Now that line suggests that this was not just ...
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Does the Multiverse exist in the MCU?

In Doctor Strange (2016), the Ancient One refers to the 'Multiverse'. But she only talks about the different dimensions inside one universe (Earth-199999 or the MCU) and not the actual Multiverse. ...
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How did they feed people at the end of "Endgame"?

With half of all people gone, the infrastructure and food must have been greatly reduced. In five years, how would they have fed a population that suddenly doubled?
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Would all the not yet emerged Celestials like Tiamut not have been starved 50% during the "Blip"?

Would the not yet emerged Celestials have reduced energy source during the Blip - and if so, would that not have been a good reason to have the Eternals interfere with Thanos' plans?
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How uniform were the effects of the Snap?

I know basically nothing about the MCU except what I've gleaned from looking around here. But this answer started me thinking. As I understand it, the Snap "vanished" 50% of all people (rather than, ...
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Is the infinity gauntlet less powerful than each individual stone?

In Infinity War (have NOT seen it) Thanos is more than likely to get ALL the Infinity Stones (maybe not all at once) but still ALL of them. Anyway. Could you say that it is much worse than the rest of ...
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Did Thanos exclude certain alien races from the snap? [duplicate]

As far as I know, Thanos killed half of a number of alien species before he got the six Infinity Stones and did the rest. The races include: Gamora's species Nebula's species The other children of ...
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