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Is there a "first" pureblood in the Harry Potter Universe? [duplicate]

I was reading the question and answers found here and I realized something. Distinction between half-bloods and pure-bloods were done using Third Reich rules for Jews. Well in order for magic to exist ...
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Who was the first Wizard or Witch in the Harry Potter Universe? [duplicate]

Not sure if this has been asked previously, I couldn't find any references to it. This question came to me based on this one - Is there any in canon date of whether the goblins existed before normal ...
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When did magic originate in humans? [duplicate]

I have no idea how the magic gene in Harry Potter is supposed to work, or how it first came about. It could have been some kind of genetic mutation, or maybe we--I mean, wizards--are a totally ...
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Blood Purity in Harry Potter: What is the origin of 'blood purity' [duplicate]

While talking about blood purity to Harry, Hagrid says this. And it's codswallop, to boot. 'Dirty blood.' Why, there isn’t a wizard alive today that’s not half-blood or less. The question In Harry ...
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Which type of being came first? [duplicate]

Which came first, muggles or magical beings, squibs or Muggle-borns. and why are there so few magical beings? This is just a matter of curiosity.
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Where does the ability to do magic derive from in the Harry Potter universe: the body, soul, or some other entity? [duplicate]

If magic comes from the body, then how does Voldemort retain his magical abilities when he is regenerated? The potion used to regenerate his body involves the bones of his father, the flesh of ...
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Where and how did magical genes in Harry Potter originate? [duplicate]

Did magical genes result from a slight change in the Human DNA? If so, who was(were) the first wizards? If they were pureblood magical wizards, how are the wizards today still pureblood, assuming that ...
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How do muggles and wizards differ physiologically?

In "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", the main character (Newton Scamander) meets a muggle (Jacob Kowalski) who is bitten by a Murtlap. Then Newt says: How do muggles and wizards differ? If ...
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In Harry Potter, what is the ultimate source of magicians and magic?

In Harry Potter, where did the magicians come from? Like Tolkien gives idea about Eru creating the Valars and so on. How did the magic begin, was the first being created Muggle or magician? Is there ...
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Most ancient non-muggle events or persons mentioned in Harry Potter?

What's the most ancient non-muggle event or person ever mentioned in the Harry Potter series? How far back in history do references go? I know that Merlin is mentioned... any further back?
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How did Dumbledore detect the "traces of magic" in the Cave?

Albus Dumbledore was able to do things many other wizards/witches could not. He was after all a brilliant Wizard. The best ever? That's up to the individual to decide. He most certainly (in my opinion)...
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Why do only wizards have magic?

Why do wizards have magic, but Muggles don't? Why don't all people have magic, or no people have magic?
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Are pure-bloods actually a distinct species from Muggles?

From this question I note that pure-bloods are not actually really pure blooded according to the following quote: “So-called pure-blood families maintain their alleged purity by disowning, ...
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How long would a magic family need to breed only with wizards to be considered "pureblood"?

Given the answers to this question, we know that witches/wizards are known to exist for at least a few thousand years. It is unlikely that every known pureblood family has the whole family tree ...
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What’s the difference between magical and Muggle ancestry in Harry Potter?

Is there an in-canon explanation of the true difference between people of magical ancestry vs Muggles? I found this question: Where did the "Magic Blood" of the Harry Potter Universe ...
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