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Where is Middle-earth and is it flat or curved? [duplicate]

After seeing this article about what Middle-earth would look like from space, and reading one of the first comments, which indicates that there are hints that Middle-earth is flat, I'm left with what ...
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Does Tolkien ever speak of himself still living in Middle-Earth? [duplicate]

It has been noted in other questions and answers on this site that Tolkien's conception of Middle-Earth has an imaginative relation to Earth history. Some salient sections of Tolkien quotes from ...
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Did J. R. R. Tolkien actually use to say that "Middle-earth was really the ancient history of the real planet Earth"? [duplicate]

There was the also the fact that Tolkien, in later years, apparently gave up the conceit that Middle-earth was really the ancient history of the real planet Earth. This was said in a comment/answer ...
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Do the books ever say oliphaunts aren’t elephants?

In a comment here, Valorum states "Zero elephants. Several Oliphaunts". Which made me wonder: is there anything in Tolkien's writings to support the notion that Oliphaunts are not elephants? ...
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In what time period does The Lord of the Rings take place in the real world?

I know that The Lord of the Rings is located in Middle-earth and by the looks of clothes and props, we're looking at well before the 18th century. What's the best guess at the time period that The ...
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What was the first fantasy world/universe without real-world ties?

There seems to be a fairly common world building method now of setting fantasy works in standalone universes, completely separate (at least explicitly) from our own world, e.g. A Song of Ice and Fire, ...
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How exactly is Arda supposed to be an ancient Earth?

As most Tolkien fans know, Arda (Tolkien's world) is supposed to be Earth in its past, and all its stories are supposed to have happened long ago on this very same planet. Of course, this is fiction, ...
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Are there other dragons in Middle-earth by the time of The Hobbit?

The Hobbit deals with the Dwarves trying to reclaim their mountain homeland from the dragon Smaug. During this time, are there other dragons who are alive in Middle Earth?
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What is the significance of Denethor eating the tomato?

The scene in which Faramir is leading a battle and Denethor is eating the tomato while Pippin sings. What is the significance of that? Ostensibly it's to show that Denethor isn't interested or has ...
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What marked the end of Tolkien's fourth age?

I keep running across the following quote from Tolkien's Letter #211 concerning the time between the destruction of the ring at the end of the third age and the present day: I imagine the gap to be ...
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Is there evidence of purely artistic works in Middle-earth?

I recently came across this on Twitter: yesterday, student's & i realized there is no fiction in middle-earth. prbly no art. every story = story of something that actually happened — Ben ...
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Why is it called Middle-earth?

The planet is called Arda. So why do they call it "Middle-earth" if there is no planet called Earth to have a middle of?
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What modern day items are mentioned in JRRT's writings?

I read LOTR again recently and noticed that they mentioned top hats, matches and tomatoes, all items that don't really fit the era. (top hats maybe) A friend recently mentioned to me that Tolkien ...
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How long do Beornings live?

In The Desolation of Smaug, Beorn mentions to Gandalf that he remembers the time when Sauron ruled over Mirkwood. [Beorn to Gandalf:] "I remember a time when a great evil ruled these lands. One ...
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Where exactly does Eragon take place?

I'm doing an assignment for class about Eragon. I'm wondering about the setting. Is Alagaesia an island? "Do you remember what I told you about how the elves came over the sea?" - page. 169 ...
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