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Identifying a story about a girl who turn out to be an alien [duplicate]

Years ago, when I was a child (around 10-12, I guess - the mid 1980s), I read a relatively short book - it might have been a children/young adult book - that I have never since been able to recall the ...
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YA Book (series?) - Trying to find a SF story about a young girl raised by a robot on an alien world? [duplicate]

I was at a Science Fiction Convention in February and at a panel a writer was talking about Young Adult Genre crossing over into SF Genre with the focus on identity. Since that is a common theme in ...
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Book about girl being raised on an alien planet by a robot. She's been genetically altered to survive but then meets unmodified humans [duplicate]

I remember a book from school where a girl was being raised by a robot on an alien planet. The robot genetically altered the girl to deal with the environment of the planet. She didn't know she was ...
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90's YA novel: Youth leaves village against village taboos [duplicate]

I'm trying to find the name of a book I read in the early-to-mid '90's, from my school's library (in Canada, should that help). I'm pretty sure it was a young adult novel. From what I can remember, ...
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Mid-century novel read in elementary school, about a woman with coloured skin and her guardian on a distant planet [duplicate]

Any help with this would be much appreciated, as it's been slowly driving me insane. In elementary school (c. mid 90s), the entire class read a sci-fi novel about a girl with coloured-skin (green or ...
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SF novel identification: late 1980's YA book featuring multi-generational colony raised by robots [duplicate]

In the late 1980s, I read a novel series that spanned several generations of a human colony on a Earth-like extraterrestrial planet. It was probably available through Scholastic Books (in Canada) ...
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Book where main character is an alien but doesn’t know [duplicate]

I’m trying to find a book (teen SciFI I guess) I read probably in 1998ish. There was a girl living on a alien planet. Someone looked after her but not a parent. I think she had to wear a suit all the ...
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Identify story/novel: Tribe on colonized planet, not aware of this. "Taboo," altitude sickness, robot guardian (60s? Young Adult?)

Short version Planet colonized, several generations passed, knowledge of tech & being a colony is gone Robot guardian has been trying to help by giving the tribe replacement tech Culture has "...
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Scientist and his genetically altered daughter on a colonised planet

When I was in grade 4 or 5 we read a sci-fi book about some guy who had been sent to this planet to find out what had become of a scientist if I'm remembering correctly. This alien planet had a colony ...
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Girl living in mountains befriends weird boy living in grasslands, discovers she's the weird one

Looking for a rare science fiction book from when I was in Junior High. We read this close to the same time we read the Chrysalids and Lord of the Flies. This book was about a girl and a boy that ...
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