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Would replicated material eventually break down? [duplicate]

The nutrients from replicated food would probably be used up by the body fairly quickly, but what about materials that aren't directly consumed? Is it possible that after a period of time they would ...
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How did Voyager replace its photon torpedoes?

In "Star Trek Voyager The Cloud" Chakotay states that they have 38 photon torpedoes at their disposal, and Janeway states that they have no way of replacing them once they are gone. ...
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Why doesn't Starfleet transporter-copy priceless artifacts or important people?

In one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a transporter incident creates two copies of Commander Riker. Why doesn't Starfleet (or anyone else, like the Romulans) use this to create copies of ...
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In Star Trek (TNG), does "original art" even mean anything?

In our economy, much art is held for its investment value as much as for its aesthetic value. @Richard has pointed out (in another question) that Roddenberry defined money out of the Star Trek economy ...
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How common were non-Federation replicators?

While writing up an answer to this question, I was looking for information on how common dilithium mines were, trying to find evidence that dilithium couldn't be replicated. The only dilithium mines ...
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Why does the watch that Chakotay replicated months ago to give Janeway gain energy by being recycled?

Voyager "Year of Hell": JANEWAY: It's beautiful. CHAKOTAY: Nineteenth century, mechanical movement. It's a replica of the chronometer worn by Captain Cray of the British Navy, His ship was ...
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Is it possible to replicate a mobile emitter?

Within the Star Trek Voyager universe, I'd assume that if you have an object, you can create duplicates of it and replicate it. Is there anything preventing the crew from replicating The Doctor's "...
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Is there an in universe explanation why a replicator cannot create living organisms?

In the Star Trek Universe the replicator is able to build nearly anything from clothing to a hot meal seemingly out of thin air. Creating artificial life using it and replicating a living being have ...
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Is there any difference between Federation and Non-federation replicators / transporters?

Given that this question/answer has established that replicator technology is owned by non-federation civilizations, my question extends to ask if there are any references of any differences in ...
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What is the use of a trade embargo in a society with replicators?

For new years eve, a few friends and I had some Romulan Ale and the scene with Worf mentioning that it should be illegal and Geordi replying that it is was quoted the whole evening. We started to ...
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How much memory does it take for a replicator to store a simple object?

I have seen estimates that, for example, the human brain can store 2.5 petabytes of information, which presumably prevents the use of a replicator to create a human brain. The implication is that ...
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