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How can an eyeball control an army? [duplicate]

In The Lord of the Rings films, Sauron has an army he is controlling to do his bidding. But he is only a great big eyeball. So how can he tell them what to do?
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What does Sauron look like? [duplicate]

Duh! But, do the books ever describe what he actually looks like? I found a diagram by Tolkien himself: But this looks too... vague? And I don't know whether he was ever intent on continuing with ...
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How could Sauron physically acquire the ring? [duplicate]

In The Lord of the Rings Sauron is essentially a spirit which has taken the form of the great eye. If the fellowship had failed, how would the forces of Mordor actually give the ring to him? In the ...
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What is Sauron's true appearance? [duplicate]

This question about the Eye of Sauron made me wonder about Sauron's true appearance. According to the answers there, the big red eye on top of the tower is partly metaphorical but also a physical ...
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Why didn't Sauron become invisible while wearing the One Ring?

I'm curious as to why Sauron is the only being/person shown wearing the One Ring who does not become invisible? Isildur, Gollum, Bilbo, Frodo, and Samwise all become invisible while wearing the One ...
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Without a physical form, what would Sauron have done had he recovered the Ring?

Assuming one of Sauron's servants managed to recover the Ring, what exactly would Sauron do with it? He had no physical body to manipulate it and no finger to put it on. I guess he would have ...
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Is the Eye of Sauron an artifact: similar to the Ring or to a Palantir?

In the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien describes Sauron's fortress of Barad-dûr as having a high tower, within which there exists the Eye of Sauron. In the black abyss there appeared a ...
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Why did it take Sauron so long to regain strength?

According to the timeline of the Third Age, it took Sauron roughly 2460 years to regain strength and return to Middle-earth. Why did it take him that long? And if he "returns" to Middle-...
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Why did Sauron blow up if he only had his fingers cut off?

In the Lord of the Rings why did Sauron blow up when he only had his fingers cut off?
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What would have happened if Saruman had gotten the One Ring?

If the Uruk Army sent by Saruman had captured Frodo and had gotten the One Ring to Saruman, what would Saruman have done with it? Would he have given the Ring back to Sauron or would he have kept the ...
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Was the Eye of Sauron a physical or metaphorical manifestation of Sauron's will?

There he took up again his great Ring in Barad-dûr, and dwelt there, dark and silent, until he wrought himself a new guise, an image of malice and hatred made visible; and the Eye of Sauron the ...
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Why didn't Sauron signal the Orcs that Frodo and Sam were at Mount Doom?

Sauron literally put his eye directly on Frodo and I'm sure he knew Frodo had the Ring, and even if he didn't, why didn't he signal the Orcs to go after Frodo and Sam? He literally just let them pass....
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At the end of LotR, why does the Eye of Sauron burn so vigorously after the Ring gets destroyed?

In The Return of the King, after the Ring got tossed into the fires of Mount Doom, the Eye of Sauron burst into flames, and the tower of Barad-dûr then collapsed. Then the Eye shrank to a small point ...
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What explains the Council's strategy with the Necromancer?

In TA 2942, the Council of the Istari was able to marshal their forces and drive Sauron, in his guise as the Necromancer, from Dol Goldur. The language suggests that they did this alone: that is, the ...
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Are there any other Wraiths, Wights and Ghosts?

Are there any examples of Wraiths, Wights or Ghosts appearing elsewhere in Tolkien's work? Specifically, is there any mention of other ghosts/spirits that are not either the 9 Nazgûl, the Barrow-...
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